The Centre at the YWCA: Bring your little ones to the YWCA in Berkeley. Every Thursday you can drop in from 9:30 am to noon. Practice your english, play with your kids and meet other moms. You can find a detailed schedule here (scroll down to the bottom of the page.)


Berkeley Parents Network: This online network is a very helpful resources for parents in Berkeley with kids in all age groups. They have school and day care reviews, tips for things to do with kids, and much, much more interesting stuff.


BANANAS Child Care Referral: You are looking for a kindergarden or a child care facility for your son or daughter? Contact this referral agency and check out their website. They offer parent support groups and also helpful information if you consider a career in child care.


Babysitter: is a platform to find babysitters immediately. You can see their ratings and even pay online.


How to get an American Passport for your newborn:


1. Find the closest passport location near you with the help of this link (just enter your ZIP code). Cal REC is a passport center, this is also an easy and quick option (quicker than the Post Office).


2. Take to the appointment:

DS-11 form

Photocopy of the parents passports or IDs (also take the originals to the appointment)

 Birth certificate of the baby (this is returned later by mail)

 Passport photo of the baby (Walgreens takes Passport photos)


If both parents/guardians go to the appointment, you only have to take what I mentioned above. If only one parent goes, that parent has to take the second parent´s notarized Statement of Consent. The baby has to come to the appointment as well.

It costs about USD100 and depends on the time of year how long it takes. Usually 6 weeks.

Enrollment in Berkeley

Elementary and Middle Schools

(Information is from April 2013)


Step by Step:

  1. Find out in which BUSD-zone your child will attend school (zone depends on your Berkeley address.)
  2. Submit the Parent Preference Form along with:
  • The birth certificate of your child (official translation necessary if the birth certificate is in a language other than English);
  • Your original invitation letter from the the department or institute your spouse is working at;
  • A copy of your rental or lease agreement for your Berkeley address;
  • A letter from the your spouse's department confirming your Berkeley address
  • Your child’s school report (English translation if necessary);
  • Vaccination record (Polio, DPT, measles, rubella, mumps, hepatitis B, chicken pox, please check Berkeley School District’s website for details).
  • If your child is entering Kindergarten or first grade, you must also bring a California Health and Disability Prevent form signed by a physician and an oral health assessment form signed by a dental professional (both of these forms are available at the Berkeley Unified School District Office at 2020 Bonar Street.)

For more information, stop by the Berkeley Unified School District's office at 2020 Bonar Street. If you don't live in Berkeley, but in El Cerrito, Albany, or Kensington you must contact the school districts for these communities. El Cerrito and Kensington belong to the West Contra Costa district, Albany has its own Albany school district.