Career Resources

Partners@Berkeley: Join the Berkeley Wives linkedin-group "Partners@Berkeley" for updates, discussions, and advice for international women job hunters in the Bay Area. The manager of the group is Diana. Check out her fabulous presentation on how to move your career abroad.


The Village Entrepreneur Group (VEG): The VEG  is a UC Village residents-led initiative. Their goal is to assist the home businesses of UC Berkeley families in University Village Albany and beyond. If you are interested in freelancing and/or starting your own business, you should join this group.


Free Job-Search Workshops at JFCS: Jewish Family Services in Berkeley offer free workshops for anyone who'd like to get some support in the job search. You don't have to be Jewish to participate. Many spouses benefitted already from their great service. Please register on their website to participate.


The Job Forum of San Francisco: Get free help and inspiration from local volunteers. The Job Forum meetsevery Wednesday at 6:30 pm. They also offer a wide array of resources for Bay Area job seekers.


UC Berkeley Career Center: Their website offers great resources for job hunting, volunteering, and finding internships. They list internships by field and give you advice on how to build "your own" internship in the field that interests you most. The Career Center also recommends books for resume writing and job websites. As a spouse you are unfortunately not able to participate in any of their career workshops or benefit from individual career counseling sessions :-(.


Upwardly Global: Non-profit organization which helps to eliminate employment barriers for skilled immigrants and refugees and integrate this population into the professional U.S. workforce. Make sure to check if you are eligible for their various offerings.


Careers in Transit: Blog created by spouses from MIT. Other spouses share their experiences and success stories about their careers in transition, moving from a foreign country to America.


The Work Coach Cafe: Great blog that answers ALL questions you might have about successful interviewing, networking etiquette, resume writing, and more. Super helpful!


UC Berkeley Career Counseling Library: As a spouse you are not eligible for renting out books, but you can browse through them there and make free copies of articles. They have everything about any job out there and can give you useful advice for proceeding with your career path in the U.S.